The challenge

Most employers do not provide fertility benefits

We commissioned research that found most employers do not provide fertility benefits. The ones that do typically only cover drugs and have an average lifetime coverage of $3,250.

Considering the high costs of fertility treatment this is not nearly enough. We want to change that.

Of employers don’t provide fertility benefits

Average fertility benefits coverage

Average cost of IVF

Reference - Mapol research 2020

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The reality

Fertility costs exceed most people’s means

According to the Government of Canada, 1 in 6 Canadian couples experience issues with fertility. In reality, that number is much higher as it does not account for single parents and members of the LGBTQ2+ community who want to create families.

Fertility treatment is expensive. In Canada, the average cost of a single IVF cycle is $20,000. Many people will require more than one cycle in order to become pregnant and carry a baby to term. The cost of surrogacy in Canada starts at $60,000.

The solution

Let’s improve benefits together

Employers play an important role in helping their employees to build their families. Across Canada, only five provinces provide some sort of public funding for fertility treatment and in every instance, patients must cover significant costs out of pocket.

To make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians struggling to build their families, a collaborative approach to fertility includes governments, physicians, businesses, and each of us.

Be a part of the solution:

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How to talk to your employer about better benefits

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For employers

The business case for better benefits

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