The challenge

Most employers do not provide fertility benefits

Despite increased awareness, most employers still do not provide fertility benefits. Of the employers who provide coverage, almost all ONLY cover the cost of drugs not treatment and coverage is still far below what is required to create a family.

We want to change that.

Most employers (53%) do not offer fertility benefits.

Average fertility benefits are $6,000.

Less than 2% cover both drugs and treatment costs.

Reference - Mapol research 2023

The reality

Making a family can be expensive

In Canada, the average cost of a single IVF cycle is $20,000. Many people will require more than one cycle to become pregnant. The cost of surrogacy in Canada starts at $60,000. These costs exceed most people's means.

Fertility rates have been steadily declining in Canada for more than a decade. Only half of the provinces and territories offer some kind of public funding for family creation. Employer benefits play an essential role in helping people build their families.

The solution

Improving benefits together

Employers play an important role in helping their employees to build a family. Across Canada, only seven provinces provide public funding to cover partial costs of fertility treatment. Patients must still cover significant costs out of pocket.

To make a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians who want a child, a collaborative approach to fertility includes governments, physicians, businesses, and each of us.

Map of coverage of fertility benefits in Canada
Meaghan’s story

How to talk to your employer about better benefits

Unlock the power of change! Hear Meaghan's inspiring journey as she shares how the Fertility Benefits Matter campaign empowered her to initiate a conversation with her employer, paving the way for improved fertility and family-building benefits for her company. Click the link to discover the impact of advocating for change and how you can make a difference in your workplace.

The business case for better benefits

Creating an inclusive workplace with comprehensive benefits

Take a progressive step towards employee well-being and inclusivity by exploring the addition of fertility and family-building benefits for your organization. With 1 in 6 Canadians in their reproductive age facing infertility, your workforce may already be significantly affected. Beyond this, the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and single individuals also seek medical support for family building.

By taking a proactive approach to enhancing your family-forming benefits, you are supporting your employees’ mental health, diversity within the workplace, women’s health, and the economic health of your company.

Download our Employer Toolkit for the insights you need to make an informed decision that reflects your commitment to employee health, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Reach out to our team to have your questions answered.

For employees

Asking for coverage at work

When it comes to change, no one cares more about your cause than you do. To make a significant impact, you must be willing to advocate for yourself. You don’t have to do this alone, and if you are ready to have the conversation, we are here to help. Download our step-by-step toolkit to help you ask your employer for fertility and family-building coverage at work. We’ve designed a Getting Started Checklist for you to follow to help make things straightforward.